Jetpens Haul

My latest JetPens order consists of a TWSBI GO pen with an extra fine nib and a bottle of Rohrer und Klingner "Salix" blue-black iron gall ink. As I intended this to be used on cheap paper, the first thing I tried it on after inking it up was a pad of plain, dirt cheap store-brand ruled paper I had.

My first impression was that it was rough and scratchy. This may have been because I paired a dry ink with a dry nib, but I haven't tried enough inks or pens to say this with certainty. It might have been a little smoother when I re-inked it with Diamine Asa Blue ink, but that ink still bleeds and feathers more on cheap paper. The scratchiness was replaced with a smooth but still intrusive resistance when I used this nib on my smoother Kokuyo Campus paper.

After about a week of use, I began to pay closer attention to holding the pen straight. When the nib is at just the right angle, it is no longer scratchy at all and rarely skips. Other reviewers described this pen as wet and smooth and now I see that it is, when held correctly. It is enjoyable to write with even on cheap paper.

This ink exhibits the oxidation behavior of iron gall inks, where an almost turquoise line darkens in a few seconds. There was no bleed, and the show-through is no worse than with a typical ballpoint or gel pen. It behaves well on cheap paper even in my 1.1mm stub nib. This may become my all-rounder everyday ink.